My Personal Yoga Philosophy

Yoga has become a hugely important part of my daily life. It enriches my life in many ways. Since starting to practice yoga, I have discovered not only much more about yoga, but also about myself

I’ve learnt that dedicating time to a regular practice enables me to realise many benefits. Physically I feel in better shape than I have done for years. I’m more flexible, more agile and stronger

Yoga has also taught me how to switch off my mind, and create a state of mental relaxation. I’ve discovered how to breathe better, and how to use my breathing to calm my mind, even into sleep

I’m naturally someone who lives life fast, doing things quickly, looking to achieve more and more. Yoga has taught me to slow down, express gratitude and appreciate what I have, rather than aim for more. This has a significant effect on my life, realising what is actually important and necessary, and encouraging me to take life more slowly, ‘smell the roses’, to decide what I need and don’t need, and get more from less

One of the characteristics I value most is authenticity. I’ve learned how to apply this in my yoga, and strive to be an authentic teacher who is patient, understanding and inspirational. I gain so much from yoga, I now want to actively spread the word - which is the principle reason I’ve trained to be a yoga teacher

In summary, yoga is a key, integral part of my life. I can’t imagine living without it