Why I teach yoga

I decided to teach yoga in 2015. One of my aims was to introduce more people to yoga, particularly men. I find there’s often a reluctance amongst men to practice yoga. Usually it’s their own misconception that yoga is more a ‘woman’s thing’, or that mens’ bodies - especially older men - are too stiff. Nothing could be further from the truth!

I teach both women and men. Over 40% of the people who come to my classes are male. I teach young guys in their 20’s to older men in their 60’s and 70’s. Amongst my male yogis are farmers, builders, plumbers, businessmen, company directors, and men in their retirement. Their body shapes range from muscular to thin, overweight to underweight, some are flexible, others arrive very stiff. All of them have discovered that by regularly attending classes, their bodies have loosened up, their balance is much improved, and that their minds are more relaxed. Above all, they enjoy their yoga

Last week, I taught a guy who’d been doing some work on my house. He explained he was stiff and often suffered back pain. He’d never done yoga before. We did a gentle 1-to-1 together. As the practice continued, I noticed how he started to relax, and deepen his breathing. He became absorbed in the flow of the yoga, letting go. When we finished, the expression on his face said it all. He looked happy and supremely relaxed. He emailed me the following day to say he continued to feel relaxed all evening, and that he slept really well. He’s now looking forward to building a regular yoga practice into his lifestyle

I know how he feels. I’ve been there - and keep going back for more. The yogis who come to my classes tell me the same. That’s why I teach yoga