Don't force your way in ...

I heard a great quote recently from a yoga teacher (Jeff Phenix). He was explaining to a student the importance of moving gradually into a pose

His advice was "Yoga is polite. Don't force your way in; wait to be asked"

Taking this in context, these are great words of wisdom. Too often yoga students will force themselves into a pose. They push too quickly and too hard, trying to go further and further. When all that's really needed is to move gently into a position, and then slowly move deeper

The dangers of forcing oneself into a pose result in over-stretched muscles and inflamed joints. Or worse!

The benefits of moving gradually into a pose is that the practitioner can feel their way in, and then decide how much further they can - or want to - go. The movement can be linked with the breath, so that the pose can be gently developed and flow naturally

Yoga isn't about being competitive or pushing yourself super hard

So "in the eye of the pose", don't force your way in - wait to be asked. And move gently