New Year - new intentions

A new year - a great time to set new goals, new challenges, new aspirations

It seems the most popular theme is to get fit and lose weight (if you believe what's written in the press and social media). Admirable intentions. I wonder how many people will stick to them.

Because getting fit and losing weight are lifestyle decisions. The implications are long-term, as indeed will be the results. Any lifestyle decision requires serious resolve, commitment, and self-discipline. I wish anyone embarking on these challenges good luck. As the French say, "Bon Courage".

Project goals are always interesting: from DIY to leisure pursuits to 'bucket list' holidays. Some friends of mine are committing to new physical challenges, such as completing the North Downs Walk (a goal that will take them a year to achieve). Others are saving for and planning a major holiday trip, following their dreams to go where they've always wanted to

Some people are committed to changing their job, and improving their skills, earnings, work/life balances - whatever's going to float their particular boats

This year, I've decided to commit myself to a new phrase, something which I'm going to remind myself several times a day throughout the year. I'm fascinated to see where this will take me and what will happen as a consequence

The phrase? "Light touch". What does that mean? To me, it means not taking some things so seriously, or getting bogged down in unnecessary detail or focus. Not using force or over-pushing. Taking a lighter-hearted view of things. Looking for the beauty, the meaningful, the fun in life. I'm going to endeavour to apply a light touch across almost everything I do. In conversation, in my work, travel, food, viewpoints, relationships, yoga ... the list is endless

Why? Because I know when I do apply a lighter touch, I get more out of whatever I'm doing - more enjoyment, a better result, greater satisfaction, more fun. Let's see where this goes!